Ngurruy Thirrpawana Original
Ngurruy Thirrpawana Original

Ngurruy Thirrpawana Original

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  • Artist - Maddy Hodgetts
  • Title - Ngurruy Thirrpawana

This piece tells a story of connection and learning as the emu travels. The emu is important in many women’s stories in our culture. She is not travelling to get somewhere; she is walking to learn and connect with country as our old people guide her.

Part of learning culture is about humility, respect and patience. Humility involves humbling oneself as a learner when it comes to understanding culture. I’ve learnt to listen without judgement and approach learning culture as a lifelong goal and process, you never stop learning. I feel as I’ve opened myself to culture, I’ve grown to better understand myself and understand my obligations to the Earth for a more sustainable way of life.

As Aboriginal people, it is important we recreate these morals and stories through our art, songs and dance. So that we can maintain and continue our culture whilst keeping our own personal connection.

Ngurruy yanawana thirrbawana Ngurrampaa (Emu walking learning Country)