Waway Hoodie

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Our deadly hoodies are here! We wanted to design a hoodie that showed one of our favourite artworks, Waway. Representing a story of connection to our Ngurrampaa (country). 


  • Oversized fit
  • 80% cotton fleece
  • Embroidered logo  "Kapata Dreaming"
  • Original artwork from Kapata Dreaming printed on sleeves and kangaroo pocket


Artist: Maddy Hodgetts
This artwork tells the story of new life and connection as Waway (the rainbow serpent) travels and makes country. At some places he travels underground and comes up at a spring or waterhole which is represented by the circles. He also makes the creeks and rivers.

The rainbow serpent gives life to a countless number of other things and in a countless number of different ways, this is the interconnectedness, the circle of life, birth, death and rebirth. 

Waway yananha thakuntha thakunmara - 
Waway traveling country, making country

Waway Hoodie Size Chart

Size S M L XL
Chest (cm) 62 64 66 68
Body Length (cm) 68.5 70.5 72.5 74.5
Sleeve (cm) 76 77 78 79